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7 Reasons Why Emotionally Intelligent People Are Great Innovators

posted on Aug 20 2015


Have Their Ego in Check

Emotional intelligent people have their egos under control and are open to other people’s ideas. They don’t think their ideas are always the best. As a result of their openness to others ideas they are able to accumulate a larger source of data from which to draw from. They are also less likely to fall into the trap of following only up on ideas and prospects that are popular and they are receiving kudos for. 

Confident, Not Arrogant

Even though they may not think their ideas are always spot on, they always believe in their craft and innovate accordingly. They see failures as temporary setbacks. By failing they discover a way that doesn’t work, bringing them closer to a way that will. Great innovators such as Edison failed countless times before achieving a breakthrough that led to success. What they all have in common as they see failures and setbacks as temporary and do not take them personally. They don’t take them as evidence that there is something wrong with them as people. 

Curiosity is Key

Emotionally intelligent people are curious about people, concepts and issues. They’re open to new information and always on the lookout for new ideas that they can put into practice. They are avid readers, forever seeking out new ideas and expanding their knowledge base. They see every opportunity, a random meeting with a stranger, conversation or event they are at as a chance to learn something new. Every person they talk to is seen as possessing some knowledge that may be beneficial to them. 

Good Listeners

They pick up on information and are able to sit back and take it in. Emotionally intelligent people are adept at processing information which makes them excellent listeners. When someone is speaking most people are formulating a response in their minds instead of just focusing upon what the person talking is saying. Good listeners are able to focus not only on the words what are being spoken but are aware of the tone of the words and the emotions behind them. This allows them not only to absorb valuable information but develop strong relationships with others. We all have a strong desire to be heard and are attracted to those we feel have taken the time and effort to hear us. 

Emotions Don’t Affect Their Innovation Efforts

They see failure as a process —it gets them one step closer. They don’t have to defend an idea that is proven to be wrong. They’re looking to advance themselves personally and are also looking to advance their ideas. Emotionally intelligent people just love to create because it makes them feel good. Because they are freed from the constraints of having to always having to prove themselves they can focus on their creativity. 

Can Take Direction

Emotionally intelligent people have a keen sense of awareness. They can express their emotions in a way that isn’t confrontational. They can be assertive without being aggressive. If they don’t agree with someone or with an idea that is presented they know how to disagree in a way that is not offensive and will prevent people from coming to them with ideas that they could possibly use. Non defensive, they are able to take direction without agreeing with the person giving it. 

Can Empathize With Coworkers and Customers

Being emotionally intelligent allows people to feel comfortable around you. To truly understand a customers’ needs you have to have empathy. It’s not just about the product. It’s about the people. While we may believe that we are rational beings our decisions are driven by emotions far more than we realize. Research has shown that customers will buy from someone that they like and trust even though they could get a better deal elsewhere. Think about the last time you made a major purchase. Was the person selling you someone you liked or trusted? If you didn’t it is unlikely you would have bought from that person. Emotionally intelligent people bring out the best in their coworkers. When they feel appreciated and heard, they will have more freedom to be innovative and creative. 


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