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Harvey is the E. I. Specialist


Emotional Intelligence will be one of the top 10 job skills by 2020 according to The World Economic Forum.

Emotional Intelligence is Harvey's one and only specialty.  This is ALL he does; so when you are seeking an expert to present about Emotional Intelligence, Harvey is your guy... The E.I. Guy!  He breaks down Emotional Intelligence, a sometimes considered complex subject, into manageable bites that can be mastered with great take-aways.  



Meet Harvey

Harvey knows emotional intelligence intimately. He walks the talk and will share how he has used emotional intelligence in his own journey of triumph over difficult barriers.  Harvey uses his life experiences to bring emotional intelligence to our everyday lives. Engaging and humorous, Harvey will leave the audience with simple techniques that will increase their effectiveness and move them towards their potential.  Audiences will never forget his stories, humor, spirit and message.

What your audience will take away from Harvey’s presentation -

Increased Awareness~ There are hidden barriers we all have that limit our potential. The first step in any growth is identifying these roadblocks.  

Identify Personal Barriers ~ One major obstruction that keeps people stuck is not knowing what exactly it is they need to change.

Simple Effective Change Tools ~ Once people have identified what is holding them back, they will have simple, effective, doable tools to begin the journey towards their potential.


What Harvey Will Deliver:

  •  A Recognized Ability to Make Complex Concepts Simple to Understand
  •  Helping People and Teams to Supercharge Their Potential at Work
  •  Identify Hidden Roadblocks Holding People Back
  •  Creating a Successful Mindset and Habits
  •  Overcoming Barriers and Resistance to Change
  •  Real Knowledge Applied to Real Life in a Real Way
  •  Doable, Simple, Daily Steps Towards Success Boosting Growth

Some Info About Harvey

  • Book published by American Management Association and translated into four languages
  • Certified Trainer for Jack Canfield's Success Principles
  • Interviewed by Jack Canfield
  • Recognized as Top Thought Leader of 2015 by Trust Across America
  • Columnist for FAST COMPANY - 60+ articles published with 200,000+ share
  • Writes a regular column on Emotional Intelligence for HR PROFESSIONALS MAGAZINE
  • Toastmaster's Advanced Gold Level - working on Distinguished Toastmaster
  • 25 years experience in career development and tourism
  • Four keynotes and hundreds of presentations
  • Member of Mankind Project
  • Harvey's an avid hiker who loves the outdoors, dogs, jazz and blues music, travel and a life-long learner

Certified Trainer for Jack Canfield's Success Principles

Harvey is Recognized as One of the Top 100 Thought Leaders by Trust Across America in 2015!

Trust Magazine; Trust Across America has chosen Harvey as one of their top 100 Thought Leaders for 2015.



"Harvey Deutschendorf gave a wonderful, heartwarming and emotive keynote presentation at the 10th Annual International Conference on Emotional Intelligence which was held virtually, for the first time in the United Kingdom.

Harvey engaged the audience from the word go and, everyone went away with a real sense of self-reflection, knowledge and understanding from another persons' perspective.  If you want someone who can reach a wide-ranging target audience, I have no hesitation in recommending Harvey for keynote presentations."


- March 2021 Global Conference on Emotional Intelligence, Jacqueline A. Hinds MA (HRD) CEIC MCIPD  

Founder Society of Emotional Intelligence International UK & Europe


“Harvey Deutschendorf recently spoke to the Society of Emotional Intelligence in Jacksonville, Florida and shared with us why EI skills are now the most desired workplace skills moving forward as announced by the World Economic Council. His genuine delivery engaged the participants and enabled engagement honestly and comfortably for our members. Harvey’s personal accounts and stories allowed participants to access the concepts more easily. Mr. Deutschendorf was also kind enough to stay, speak to individuals and address their questions as well as sign his books for hours afterwards. We are a better chapter for his visit.”

~ Kelly A. Mannel, Chairwoman, Society of Emotional Intelligence, Florida


"Harvey gave a great presentation to our group -  he focused on the main aspects of Emotional Intelligence and gave pointers on ways individuals can increase those skills. Very informative, engaging and well received."

~ A. Muchortow, Workers' Compensation Board - Alberta


"We really enjoyed the talk. Harvey had great examples, was engaging, and had very relevant information that our students can use when navigating a new work-place. The points brought up were insightful and the students were given the tools and understanding to manage their emotional well-being. I would definitely like to have Harvey back to speak to our next graduates."

 ~ Caylee, Academy of Learning

Harvey Deutschendorf thrills his audience with hopes of higher Emotional Intelligence (EI). Acknowledging the power of EI at home, work and at play, Deutschendorf shares his expertise in a fun and straightforward way leaving participants eager to put his knowledge to work in their own day-to-day lives.

~ Patricia Jessome, Government of Canada


The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.
— Anthony Robbins